Friday, September 25, 2009

Oooops! There's so many spider webs wrapping around on this page!
It's been LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time i didn't update liao..
sorry for the laziness~
OMG!! I'm still lazy to blog... plus, I couldn't upload the pictures... =(

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthday Celebration

It's Aunty SamFong birthday and my mum wanted to treat her for dinner, but ended up she treated us dinner. At first, they planned to go Puchong's 得记, by the time we reached it was full of people and need to wait for 1hour. =.=
So ended up went to 佳味 at Menjalara which is owned by Aunty LeeYun.
This restaurant will be introduced by HoChiak soon, I think.
Last few weeks HoChiak went to this restaurant and Aunty LeeYun invited us too. I brought along Honey, Anata, and HanMin too. =)

With Orange and I don't know what's the name of the guy. =X

Ok, back to yesterday.

The lovely couple. So envy them~

The dishes:

Don't know what is this called, it's one kind of fish.







U all must be wondering why almost every dish is fried with salted egg.. kekeke..
Cause Aunty SamFong love to eat salted egg. hahaha!

Another Saturday Night.

Another Saturday night that only both of us.
It's actually fine, we already used to it.
Went to NewYork NewYork, 1U with my lougong.
The food is not bad, and the price is reasonable.
But my mum said the food is yucky it depends lor~

Root beer as our drink.


Fish and Chips.

Fried Calamari.

After dinner, went to Dessert Bar at Tropicana since that day have 50% on all items.

But we only have chocolate fondue cause we're damn full already.

Lougong of the day.

Get my hair straighten for temporary..should I?

The other Saturday night, which is last 2 days.
Since it was a rainy day, we went to Daorae, Sri Hartamas again to have Kimchi hot pot!

The same people.

Small dishes, it doesn't taste nice that day.

Wow Wow~~ I'm hungry already. @_@

Showing off our LongChamp. >.<

Good Night!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dates with Moon~

Who is moon? LOL! She's actually PooLim as she put her nickname as moon. hahaha!
She is back from Melbourne for 3weeks holiday and of course we must meet her up since we didn't meet for half year already!
First meeting her at Starbucks, the curve.

She is a camera shy..hahaha!

After being forced by us, she took a nice one. =)


The next meet up is went for dinner at Menjalara as she has promised to bring us there since last year.

This is a MUST if you're ordering crabs with sauces.

2 different type of crabs.

Tofu, my love. <3 style="cursor: pointer; width: 400px; height: 300px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5373553614718723458" border="0">

We finished all of them!

After dinner, chill at my home with a bottle of Chivas. My limited edition is opened!!!
Girls talk as always and listening each other's story.
Chilling half way, my sis's friend who was going to stay overnight in my house was drunk!
She just went out for maybe 1hour+? and she got drunk liao.. =.=
Teenager nowadays~ haiz~

U seee~

She climbed up and down, in and out from the room.
She is drunk but she's not. haha! Get what I mean?
Teenagers nowadays are very complicated and they're not as innocent as we were. XD

My sis and other 3 friends were so busy layan her. Pity them. keke.

On the other hand, my lougong drunk as well! She was really drunk, she vomit for several times while on the way back home. Next time don't so much already ok! I help u drink. XD

She gone so hyper and keep camwhored!

ShaLee, another person who drunk. =X

The last one, is the farewell for her as she going back to Melbourne already. T.T
But nobody is free to come, so just left 3 of us. Hahaha! Kesian budak tu.
No worries, she gonna back end of this year! We can meet up soon~

Steamboat at Sunway.

Sing til throat burst!

Hahaa, has been a period that we didn't sing k together. So after stressing up with our assignments and exams and work, we went to Redbox to release our stress! It's really a good way to release stress as we shouted all the way. Although it's already time's up, we still syok sendiri singing songs that we are totally not familiar. But then we still can sing til quite well. XD We seem to be super hyper that day. wahahaha!

Rooms are full, and we are forced to take the VIP room.

The theme maybe is...CNY?

The room is big, we can shake our butt, jump here and there~

Oh ohhh, we only can see ur butt. =X

*eeeuurrrrkk* satisfied!

Still not full enough? haha.
Anata stomache ar?


And this is also so called artistic?? =X

Image gone negative, but who cares? =P